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Rope Trick Of Dreams


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There’s a whole mythology woven into this song, and hence into the album, and the weave is fine and warm.

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Sister Savage said

Hey, where did the video go? Giving this album a whirl again - still one of my faves.

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kjwise said


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kirklynch said

Had me smiling- Nice!

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justmerritt said

ps, that was justmerritt :P

Guest said

your voice and music and genre fit together like a glove! thanks for the comment brother

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glu said

Nice performance... fun vid!

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Gumbo said

thanks guys And as for the dress - I wondered who the culprit was ;~)

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OHHO said

Nice touch on the kazoo! I'm smiling!

Guest said

Understated and effortlessly great video. That's blatantly my dress in the window.

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Gumbo said

thankee kindly there's a vid for this now - a last minute entry for the RPM MAY Challenge

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another cultural landslide said

Oh My, Oh My...what a joy this CD just made me smile, smile, smile...

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