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Pretty girl, you're very pretty

The springsteens

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So I was sitting on some wanker’s loungesuite watching Across The Universe in a big orange woolly jumper and it came to me! What do i want to say to you? “ ??? You’re Very Pretty”. It just stemmed from that line, but instead of revealing your name to the world, I changed it a bit. I found it funny that on wikipedia search you type in ‘eugene k’ looking for eugene kelly and eugene krabs comes up first. He is a red crab, though his daughter, Pearl is a whale. The lyrics aren’t that serious, though. I mean I can’t sing “straight white smile and nice big titties” without smiling. I stole a line from hamlet somewhere in there, too. oh and I’m talking about eugene kelly the singer, not the irish republican.

Guest said

not sure exactly why but this song hit me nice,I really like it, its pleasantly off kilter, lo-fi, and catchy, almost like it was all just improvised

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