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Snowstorm Romance

Lena Selyanina

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This song was inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s short story The Snowstorm:

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richardlaceves said

lovely,, a very mellow tension,, about 2:40ish breaks into rich creamy, tones (i know creamy is an odd description but, that just comes to my mind),, this piece has a beautiful understated sense of drama, and passion,,,masterful!! Richard

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Lena Selyanina said

Thank you, Anton! Very nice to hear that. :) Lena

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Anton said

Just wanted to hear piano music and remembered of yours. Amazingly good, i think i fell in love with this piece. Made me read "Метель" once more.

Guest said


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Lena Selyanina said

Thank you, Musical Wanderings, and thanks for all your feedback on my other songs too! - Lena

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Lena Selyanina said

Hehe thank you Igor! :)

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igor said

~He turned pale... and threw himself at her feet~ ~And the veil of Russian snow slowly began to cover them both...~ ~~~ ~Snow blizzard pounced in a rush, and as quickly disappears~ ~As your sound thru the night~

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