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Night Terrors

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A true story about some of my odd dreams

If the world’s strongest man
Could hold the world in the palm of his hand
Would he crush us all into dust?
As a way to punish us

These are the kind of things
That seem to occupy me

If a giant lobster claw
Rose up through the bedroom floor
Would it chase you all around
And if you hide, you know you’ll be found
All those thoughts that haunt your brain
Coming back to get you again
In the darkest hour of the night
Come around to fill you with fright

These are the thoughts that occupy me
When you think that I’m asleep

Night terrors invade your brain
Coming out to get you again
Make you think things aren’t as they seem
Make you fill the night with a scream

You try warm milk and a book
Yet find yourself chased by Captain Hook
An evening full of exercise
Then you’re watched by evil eyes
And if you drink yourself to sleep
you’ll drown in water only three feet deep
The scary spots in the back of your brain
Come out at night to get you again

This is what occupies me
When you think I’m asleep

Night terrors
Night terrors
Night terrors
Night terrors

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lgh said

Most excellently produced piece! LG

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Norm said


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Orphans said

great production..drumming...musicianship...nice job...

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice work here, dig it!

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Dirty Spirits said

well hell yeah. awesome opener!

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AMUC said

I've heard rumors about the vocal recording technique you use, but you have to hear it to believe it. That's really nice -- encompassing stereo effect..