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Compression: A Wilsun Tribute

Letter Seventeen

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I love Wilsun’s 2020 RPM album “Departure”, so I decided to cover it (yes, the whole album), but with a twist. I found some bits to be repetitive, so I removed them. I wrote down the lyrics and chords, and promptly ignored the originals, making up my own versions in varying styles.
Eight songs. Nine minutes. One track. It’s loose and messy and weird and fun. I hope you enjoy it.

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Project X said

Loose, messy, weird, and fun. You nailed it! One of the funnest tracks I've heard in a long time. Well done!

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Colleen Dillon said

Killer good!!!

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The Proods said


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A Beautiful Scene said

Haha haha! It really is Boy’s don’t cry. Great cover!

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