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My New Distraction (Jarrett Osborn cover)

Letter Seventeen

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I decided to cover one of Jarrett’s songs. Word to the wise - it’s harder than you think. Dude uses a lot of inversions and weird chords. So, being me, I kinda-sorta figured out the chords, but not quite, then took to creating my own song that’s loosely related to the really great original.
I rushed this one in order to meet the April deadline for 30 Day Songs ( - you should check it out and come join in on the fun!) and you can tell. Still, I think it’s kinda cool. Plus, I learned a bunch of cool tricks trying to mix in Studio One, so there’s that.

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wilsun said

This... sounds... awesome! It's like modern retro. The synths, the thin sounding guitars, the dry snare, the flanging, it all sounds great. Fab vocals too.

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