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I asked to robots to help me write a song in the style of Tom Waits.

Riding on a train to the edge of town
Where the night has just begun
People on the street with nowhere to go
Living hard and having fun

Everywhere I go there’s a song in the air
People living life with no care
Riding the night, with Tom Waits
And feeling alright

Down in the city, with its neon lights
There’s a song that never ends
People walking by in their Sunday best
Heading off to work again

There’s a place in my heart, where the music plays
It never stops, It never fades
Here in this moment, so free
And all the world is green

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Keith Landry said

So smoooooooooth

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BogStomp said

Love that lead guitar sound on this, killer vibe on this tune!

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acoustic57 said

Okay, I was cut off so here goes again: I really like this. I can hear Tom singing this in my mind and it's really cool as well. You did a great job on this. One of my favorites. Dave C. (acoustic57) :-)

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