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Her Second Song


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This is her second song. Or rather, it’s called Her Second Song – it’s probably more like her 99th song. But it’s her last song. I swear….

I know I said I would always be there
I know I said you would always always always be mine
I know swore it until the end of time
But right now I swear I don’t care

You know you said you loved me
You know you said you always always always would
You know you said you could never let me go
The very night before you did

I was afraid to let you know
What you did to me and how it made me feel
It never ever ever felt real
Because you said you would never let me go
You said you would never let me go

Sometimes I want to go to the shores of western Washington
Where the rain forest rivers meet the tide
And lay where the sands came there to rest for eternity
And where those rain forest trees washed out to die

Sometimes I wish you were still here with me for real
And that you were always always always here
So one day I too could disappear
And you could know how I feel

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