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Uploaded .

Legend has it. . .

special thanks to Legend and tgo from for 2 drum Loops that we used for this track!!!
[right click on arrow and select ‘save link as’ to download]

[right click on arrow and select ‘save link as’ to download]

helvennoir's avatar
helvennoir said

im loveing this! great voice and the piano is just great.

Guest said

beautiful track, beautiful voice! Cheers Slap...

Guest said

i just saw this video on you tube, this song is too cool.later.MrE

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glu said

Thanks for the head up on the new tune not working. Should be fine now! Really diggin' your songs. They are catchy in all the right ways! Didn't realize that you wrote these in Feb for the RPM challenge. Nice work, especially for such little time.

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eshar said

The bass on this track is amazing. When the track first started the vocalist reminded me a little bit of Sade...I like the nice laid back vibe of this.

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mrrobot said

very interesting track Mr.Robot :)

Guest said

Finger clicking good! Cheers Slap...

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