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Piano Piece 1

Max Sipowicz

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Its my first attempt at writing a piece for piano. I think this would probably best be played by two players..
if I ever write out the piece on paper, it might have to be so.

I would value any of your comments greatly, as I greatly want to improve.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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vaisvil said

this is excellent - I love what you do with the chord stabs towards the end especially!

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Norm said

I find it fascinating that your first attempt at writing a piece for piano is in 7/8 time signature! Cool beans!

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richardlaceves said

Very nicely done

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ghst said

you arppegiate like a master. your chops are more than admirable. how long have you been playing piano? also, can i put drums to these pieces by any chance?

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Synaptic Disturbance said

Parts of it loosely reminded me of the final fantasy theme. The unison run section at the end would be a great tag for a fusion tune, reminded me of some Chick Corea sort of stuff.

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kirklynch said

Really interesting! Love the progression

Guest said

Nice tune.

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