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Max Sipowicz

I tried to utilize the swelling of sound that can be created with a guitar to re-create the atmosphere around me (its been rainy all day, with some thunder in the background). This piece is semi improvisational, in that none of it was planned, but the concept strongly determines the overall form and sound of the piece.

I hope you like it! for more look at my profile, or my myspace: http://myspace.com/maxthemajor

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shortbusmusic said

Another great song that illustrates the versatility of a guitar and effects pedals. I’d hate to try and reproduce this one on stage, haha. Nice job.

Johnny Stone said

Cool sound mate dig it.

Johnny Stone said

Cool sound mate dig it.

Max Sipowicz said

@synaptic disturbance - it was a volume pedal in the beginning, but later in the tune i believe i used a reverse delay.

Synaptic Disturbance said

Volume pedal, volume knob, or delay pedal with a reverse? More neat textures.

Guest said

Cool stuff! It’s like welding notes together in a melodic fashion. I dig it!

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