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The First Leaf Of Fall


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The song may be simple, but you should have seen the leaf. Being the first of it’s kind, it really had to set the standard… which it far exceeded. It will be remembered as a great leaf.

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Movement To Contact said

Same here! My studio phones and my car are the best way to check day when i get out of debt, i will get better moniters. I have always heard that the best way to check your song is to play it on the best and then worst set of speakers you can find, if both sound good, you mix is coming along just fine.

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Elusive Gene said

Very lovely - emotional composition, performed beautifully.

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Movement To Contact said

RE: Tired hands: There is bass in the mix, just at a really low freq. ;) Glad you liked it!

Guest said

Wow~Beautiful! You out did yourself with this one!!!

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launched said

Beautiful piece - One of a kind!

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kirklynch said

A truly lovely track!

Guest said

All hail to the great LEAF! could this be about a magical leaf? puff puff

Guest said

Tender and delicate. A beautifully played piece indeed.

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