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My Very Next Shipwreck

misfit wine

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You know when you’re creating something and it comes out exactly how you wanted it, and then it becomes you favorite? This one is still my favorite and has not been dethroned yet.

The song is all by me - words, vocals, bass, the “guitar” - all except the drum track which is by the Boss 1180-BR. As usual, the guitar is loaded up with FX since I don’t play guitar, just bass.

It is the story of the moment of realization that one has been picking the same type of guy, for whatever reason. So, the character in this song realized that she keeps picking this one type of guy who is disrespectful, and treats her poorly, and she just takes it…
Then she realizes that by getting involved with guys that jerk her around, she doesn’t have to actually grow up herself. She can always be in crisis mode and obsess over her pain, instead!

Lyrics, abridged:
You knew just what to do.
You had me at, “Fuck you,” you said.
Invited me into your bed. I knew -
You are a rock.
My very next shipwreck,
It’s true.
And I invited you.

All you had to do was say
“Shut up bitch,”
that’s the way to scratch my itch.
It’s true.
You’re a rock,
My very next shipwreck.
I wreck myself on you.

All you had to do was say,
“Lie down, face down, on the ground,”
and you began to pound.


All those times that you were late
And I would sit like a good girl and wait
Those precious moments sealed my fate.

You are a rock, it’s true.
My very next shipwreck.
I must have recgnized you.

The very first time
you didn’t bother to show up
I knew once again
I wouldn’t have to grow up.

Chorus etc.

Guest said

Nice groove and great bass part!

glu's avatar
glu said

yeah it is confusimicating! I have no clear answer for you! Most folks here respond by commenting back on their own tune just as you did, but it's not protocol by any means. cheers, and thanks for listening!

misfit wine's avatar
misfit wine said

thanks glu. do i reply to comments here or at your page?? confusimicating.

glu's avatar
glu said

I couldn't say it better than ic42! Powerful metaphors abound in these volatile seas!

Guest said

You are a gem. I wreck myself on this tune. - Mica

ic42's avatar
ic42 said

many sirens are not female. i know many shipwrecks. it is sad. the song repeats the raw mistakes, a metaphorical rock to break up on over and over. it is well done music. it is hoped you find better seas. 0x0

misfit wine's avatar
misfit wine said

You are my very next deck speck. It's true!

Drew's avatar
Drew said

i like the originality of it. the autopan makes me feel like i'm a speck on your deck headed for your next shipwreck

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