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A minor experiment


Uploaded .

A test track of sorts.

I typically mix a track, bounce it out to my ipod and then go for a drive. The stereo in my truck is kind of boomy and if I get the bass wrong, I’ll hear about it. This has been a matter of a certain amount of guesswork or “feel”.

Recently, I added some acoustic treatment to MMI Labs and I wanted to make a bass heavy track to learn something about how new mixes will sound when road-tested.

Long story short? Acoustic treatment FTW!

If you’re interested, my treatment story is here:

Guest said

Beautiful soundscape...

Guest said

Works like a charm. (Better than the sisterhood method of shunning mixing altogether. *nods*)

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Jean-Luc Thomas said


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forest fagan said

Very cool stuff

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Janus said


Guest said

Great work!!!

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Mr Sandbags said

Lovely ambient.

Guest said

This is lovely.

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richardlaceves said

i once dropped off a boat in maui,, what i thought was reef about 5 feet under me was actually 45+,,, your sound is like a clean clear drop of water.. very clear.....very fine,,, great work

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Wildgeas Music said

That's a real clean mix. Interesting project.

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kirklynch said

Lovely sounds! Once again I'm envious of your clean tones.

Guest said

Very good.

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kavin. said

Very nice. I see some Ultratouch radiant barrier insulation on the Home Depot site, is that the same stuff? I'd like to use some in my vocal booth.

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