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Extreme Disquiet


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Saw an add on TV for something called “Drag Me To Hell”. Dunno what it is with horror films, but apparently scary music is on my mind. Thanks for helping exorcise it.

The guitar part, btw, is e-bow plus slide so any tonality is an accident.

Guest said

Could've been the soundtrack to the nightmare I had last night - I don't usually have them and this music immediately brought it all back! And judging by the title, this is a REALLY effective track! Very clever.

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glu said

I would be wigged if I listened to this alone at night... on headphone, especially while slightly intoxicated.... the evil ebow in this = machines screaming in agony. I Love the rhythmic bleeps and bloops that carry the song along.

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olifante said

Disquieting soundscape.

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glu said

ghost in the machine! love it!

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Breaking Light said

ebow+slide=scary Love it.

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Mr Sandbags said

I think that e-bow may have pushed you over the edge :)

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