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Carolines last summerday

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For the lyrics I tried to “paint a picture” rather than tell a story or make a clear point. I was thinking of Caroline No by the Beach Boys about a girl who suddenly lost the glow of youth. The lyric is not quite succesfull but… it will have to do. I really like how the synth in the second verse slipped smoothly in the mix (I added it on the evening of the 28th)

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Rog Hildreth said

Very very nice!

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Brett Warren said

I'm really enjoying your work, monopoli. Like your voice (reminds me of a mixture between Andy Partridge and Rogers Waters) and your light pop aesthetic. Good stuff.

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Guitar Music by Tim Brown said

Hey, this song really hit the spot. I love the arrangement and feel of it. Thanks for posting.

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corbinSound said

Love the guitar!!