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Hot Coffee In The Old Cafe

Morgan Hill

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Psychedelic Blues - A plant grown from the roots of Robert Johnson, treated by Koko Taylor, cared for by John Lennon, continued growing in the hands of Tom Waits and finally adopted and infused as a hybrid by Morgan Hill. Something new that somehow sounds familiar, yet unique.

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thetworegs said

ooooh yeah......

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thetworegs said

ooooh Yeah!!! a beauty the voice the bass the snare oooh yeah!!!11

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Dave Berry said

OK, you got me from the first bass note............deadly stuff man. This is like good old classic British blues from the late 60's.

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Sandy Gritt said

I like it. that bass is sweet and melodic. Love that description. Reminds me of Sarcastic Mannequins (A Vancouver band from the early 90's).

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facemask93 said

Gopt a really nice vibe , love the Bassline

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crackitopen said

in the shadows....coming out....yes, the bass keeps the balance

Guest said

Love that bass. Willie

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kirklynch said

Cool sounds!Dig the bass line!

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