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Groove for Saint Gregory The Illuminator


Based on a Yoruba Obàtálá pattern, which I hope Greg doesn’t find underhanded.

Congas and cowbell.
4/4 160bpm.

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Latest Comments

Johnny Stone said

Excellent very cool beat

Nightmoth said

That’s a delicious, groovy beat. Nice percussion work. You got a great handle on the congas – great job indeed!

Edmonds Makes Noise said

Oh ya, das some groove fer sure

vaisvil said

I had missed this!

Reefwalker said

Just had to stop by and get my summer groove on !

Movement To Contact said

Awesome good to see a new one up from you!!FAVED

jip said

Nice one Norm

slkrell said

Wide open and driving: I may have a go Thanks Norm

kavin. said

Haven’t seen you around these parts in forever! Nice return!

kirklynch said

Nice to see a new one from you. Cool groove!

Reefwalker said

Norm is back! Nice post brotha…and nice gloves !

thetworegs said

You’ve still got the groove Norm…

Djörk said

sounds good. sweet glove!

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