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(a question of) Relevance

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(a question of) Relevance

We cling to the edge of sanity one falls as the other holds on
We devour our own stabilities and pass the blame like a hot baton
And the more we try to insulate the deeper that we crawl
The threshold of which we tolerate seems to instigate the brawl

Yet i wake to face the day
As it slowly decays
And i chip away the chains
That bind me to my yesterdays
And I race to save the day
As it slowly fades away
And i chip away the chains
That bind me to my yesterdays

Well above the pool of failure is stretched a wire we must cross
And it’s always the fool’s behavior that amplifies the loss
And when its time to be held accountable the mirror guilts you thru
But the benefits are bountiful when you know it to be true

And the strength of who we are shall never weaken
The integrity in our hearts shall be our beacon

Nothing is ever transparent we all exist in our own skin
Only the paths that run errant lead back to where we begin
If we only took perspective from the core of one another
The question of relevance would be only but a mutter

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stoman said

I've just listened to some of your songs, and I like them all. The songwriting, the arrangements, the performance, the sound quality - all is excellent IMO. I'll be back to listen again. :)

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crackitopen said

great the solo...great irish day song...a bit like Great Big Sea excellent!