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Doing My Time

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Doing My Time

Lyrics T Boudreau
Music Jimmy T

I was off on my ways
Might even call me crazy
I said, ‘Baby brother,
can you spare a dime?’
He said ‘from one to another,
how long have you been doin’ time?”

I was out on a break
Tripping over a heartache
I said ‘Li’l sister, Let me blow your mind’
She said ‘wait a minute mister, how long have you been doing time?’

Oh no, I dont wanna know
When doing this time, time moves so slow

Doing my time
Losing my mind
Trying to get by

I was dead in my bed
Nursing my swollen head
I asked the Father
Won’t you spare me this time?
He said with laughter
‘You just keep doing time’
Doin my time
Losing my mind
Trying to get by

Guest said

Tom - P.S. - The happiest year of my guitar playing life was the year i spent recording with The Orphans, THANK YOU!!!

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thetworegs said

oooh yeah love the piano with the guitar at beginning.... great vocal... loving it .....