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Falling Down

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Falling Down
C. Maiorano

Travellin’, my memories a time machine
Re-living former glory and shame
On a quest to find out what this all means
No excuses, only myself to blame

Cruisin’ on a road to redemption
Steer clear the potholes of self doubt
Avoiding the head on collision
That left me broken, down and out

If I could lay myself upon the ground
Rest my head and block out every sound
Instead I’m walkin’ tall with my head in the clouds
Without a thought (chance) of ever falling down

Walkin’ with joy to the future
Behold the wonders of this place
If woe should befall you, please be sure
Hold dear your dignity and grace

I’ve gotta get myself together now
Break the chains and fly away somehow
Look ahead (around) until my fortune’s found
Keep myself from ever falling down

Wadin’ through marshes of sorrow
Moving past the dark days and pain
These hard times bring hope for tomorrow
The sun may rise up and smile again

stoman's avatar
stoman said

Your songs sound radio-ready to me. Brit-pop/rock with a very modern sound. Regards, Steffen

Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

This is a damn cool song. Drumming is excellent. Makes me think of s lot of great bands but none in particular. You've got an awesome sound...going down.

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

There is so much to like with your music...its like I just discovered my new favorite band here guys.......damn style to burn, thats a beauty wah guitar line there......really well done mixing in all the elements that make up a great song.