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"French Riviera" (Collab with Daniel DeSete) With Video

Uploaded .

This was a Track Created in around Two Hrs…

I Wrote the Music after daydreaming about going to The French Riviera….

Posted the Track on a Web site, and within minutes, an Awesome Musician from france, “Daniel DeSete(That I hadn’t spoken to before), was putting a Vocal on it..!!!

I Love the places where music can take you sometimes..

Thanks For the Vocal Daniel!!


T (OsCKilO)

Guest said

Me gusta mucho!

Guest said

thx man.

Guest said

Brilliant! You've transported me to a back street cafe in France, at midnight, and it's dark and compelling and I completely have my eye on the brooding fella in the corner.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate great vid. Cool track mate. Thanks for your recent comment mate. This is a great mix mate very cool.

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Guest said

nice songs

Guest said

Coo, I love this and really enjoyed the video. Beautiful music and I could listen to Daniel all day.

Guest said

Good one.