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Tick Tock

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A Friend of mine (Dave Passourd) is a very talented song writer…

But he never records his stuff….

His songs rest with the memories of those that are lucky enough to get to hear his tunes.

Here is what I remember of a Song that he showed me….

I had to record it so I would not forget…

Thanks for the Music Dave…


T (OsCKilO)

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lumberfork said

Thank you for the kind comments. I've come back to your catalogue again, and you have so much cool stuff here. I love this. Your playing is impeccable.

Guest said


Guest said

Thanks for letting us hear this too. Definitely worth hearing and very well played. Love the story behind it too. Glad you remembered it!!! Very nice. very nice.

Guest said

Wow, yes, stunning!

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Jason Earls said

pretty chords!

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kirklynch said


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Johnny Stone said

Nice piece mate very cool.

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launched said

Great stuff, bro - Glad you could get Dave in stone. The recording sounded excellent as well.

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kavin. said

Truly beautiful guitar peace.