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Tharek Ali Mokbul

Closure The look in your Eyes
Took me by supprise
back to a better place

Where I could feel
Oh how we breathed the air feels much lighter now.

You talked of us.
We spoke of trust
I heard your words today

A promise i’ll keep
if you should see
A window in your life

I went before
There was no space
or even a place for me

For me in your life
I didn’t wait
Oh the sands of time are fast
but I carved a way
back to you

Through stone to the place
destined to see….
Will you love me how I need?

I promise to do the same.

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate great track.

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Greg Connor said

Nice refreshing sound.

Guest said

Sweet ride, I like theeasy rocking feel.
Thanks, very laid back.

Guest said

nicley mixed vox

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