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Concrete Ocean

Tharek Ali Mokbul

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Songwriting Sessions at “Crisis Skylight” (Homeless Charity: London) today.

Theme was “A Place”… I Chose home… Or what I understand of it…

Concrete Ocean
Tharek Ali Mokbul 2015


Home is where I fell down
It’s where I was raised up
Home is where the start was
It’s where it will end

Many places
Lifetimes of change
Passing faces
Sharing my name

Tell me where my home is
Tell me yet again
Tell me where my heart was
It’s lost it’s voice again

New found freedom
Traded for a place
Concrete Ocean
Washed away in rain

Sold our souls for six pence
Went bad over bonds
Pennies made of pretence
Kindling for the old

Many changes
Made quick in pain
Airs and Graces
Seats on a Train

Make a promise, Keep it…
The Simple Cell….
Plant a seed then reap it…
Flowers cut, Petals dried….

Love so precious..
Mirror cracked so fine…
My best wishes…
Changing every time…

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Keith Landry said

Oh my. I've been away far too long. Brilliant from the opening notes. I need to go back to songwriting school. Tharek 101 is in session.

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice work

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thetworegs said

always great to hear a song by you ....Beautifully done

Guest said

brawtastic bro,

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