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Promise me that

Tharek Ali Mokbul

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Take a look around…
Tell me what you see…
Anger in her face…
Cried with stolen tears…

Careful of her words.
They’re not what they seem…
First to cast a stone.
Never without sin.

Let Old ghosts be gone
As time marches on.

Living on twice this life can happen oh so fast.
I’m Sorry that you’re stuck in the middle little man.
We’ll fly that kite in the wind of storms now past…
Promise me that…
Promise me that……

Believe me when I say…
I hide not a thing….
I tried to keep her safe…
She wanted other things…

I hope she treats you right.
I kinda know she will…
To her you are the light,
In the darkness of her dreams.


Was it just a dream?
A story never told.
Did we once have love?
I will never know.

We made you with our hearts….
An Angel in the snow…
Hope that fills my eyes…
Life that time will show…

If ever should she ask…
Yes I loved her so…
And ever should she weep..
There’s no grudge to hold.

Listen with your heart
Put away your fears
Fill your life with joy.
With lessons from the year…

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Andrew Russe said

That's a tough song to listen to. Powerful stuff.

Guest said

:) good song

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