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Skinning the Skunk


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Track by the Gullivers (the Gullivers are me and Artneuro). This track will not make the cut for the CD. So I am sharing it here :) Enjoy!`

Guest said


Guest said

Very cool indeed. This has a great driving back beat that keeps pushing this onward. Love that rhythm guitar almost sounds like Reggae.. Cool tune.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

It's sad that I will never be this cool. Genre-mashing at it's most interesting. Reggae? Alt-rock? Asian power-pop? Breaks to almost nothing, then comes back for a few more servings.

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KCsGroove said

cool slow drive to this song love that break with the low bass A lot of reverb but I guess that was intentionally enjoyed! KC

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Jason H. Austin said

i swear my dog was slowly nodding his head to this.

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