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Going Home

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This is a very detailed explanation of the song’s meaning and how it might be shown in a video.
The lyrics are first and then the (very long!) explanation.

Going Home

Lord, Lord, Lord
Come to me
Be my salvation
Set me free

I have walked in fear and darkness
I have walked alone
I have walked in pain and anger
On a busy road
There were many right beside me
On this well-worn path
No time to rest they all were moving
Victims of the dark

I had to take a break from walking
Weary from the road
And from the side I sat and wondered
Where does this road go?
No one walking seemed aware
The road was sloping down
The grade was low, and no one noticed
But all were down bound

A friendly face sat down beside me
I know a better path
She said, it’s steep and much less traveled
But worth taking to task
Those ahead help those behind
And no one’s left alone
And at the top you’ll meet my Son,
Who has prepared your home

I will take your hand and follow
You may lead the way
So refreshed, my load is lighter, a smile is on my face
Let’s begin and waste no time
I’m anxious to get home
I won’t look back, nor too far ahead
For I am not alone, for I am not alone
Yes, I am going home

(C)2008 Paul Lisney 1/25/08 1/26/08

Going Home explained:

The artwork is abstract with faceless people, and the colours used are grays, blacks and blues – darker colours. There are many people walking down a road. Each person has a varying degree of light emanating from their chest (from their heart) which indicates the light of Christ – His presence. The further they are down the road, the dimmer the light gets. The people themselves are of a grayish colour, maybe, or something not white and pure. They are interacting with each other, in discussion, some arguing, and some alone, absorbed in themselves. All are focused on their own interests/activity and are walking down the road without looking to see where they are truly going. They don’t notice that the road is gradually sloping downwards. At the end of the road it is quite steep and the people willingly step off into the dark abyss. Their colour has become darker to the point of blackness (faint gray around the edges to delineate their form), as they approach the end of the road, and by this time there is no longer light glowing in their chest. They are not screaming or reacting, though screams and wailing come up to them from the lake of fire which is below.
Hovering above the people on the road are the dark angels and they communicate to the people without them knowing it, whispering in their ears, instigating arguments etc. Some people are aware of them and welcome the contact. The dark angels’ influence becomes more apparent towards the end of the road and they become completely attached to the people at the end of the road, being gradually drawn into them the further along they go. This is the reason for the blackness of the people. Above the dark angels on this road are the Angels of the Lord, or the Guardian Angels. They try and assist where they can but must be invited down by the person in order to help. When this does happen the light glows brighter in the person’s chest. Some people are drawn over to the side of the road at various spots along the way, exhausted by the activity and heavily trafficked road. This is done by the influence of their Guardian Angel who has been able to influence them increasingly as they pull away from the people on the road and by good deeds, acts of kindness. These people become a little lighter in colour as they pull away and the light grows stronger in their chest.
We focus on one individual who is tired of the hustle and bustle and moves away from the mainstream off to the side of the road. He draws away gradually in healthy solitude (as opposed to depression and withdrawal) and congruent with this is the movement of his Guardian Angel, who moves closer and speaks to him, though our man is unaware of his presence. (We can see the Guardian Angels influence on other people also with those who have done good deeds or have separated themselves from the rest of the crowds of people).
He sits down by the side of the road near a tree and watches, noticing that the road is sloping downwards. A woman appears next to him (Mother Mary) clothed in light. She tells him that she knows a better way and points out the other road which appears when she points it out. The road is much steeper than the road he has been on and it has less people – but they help each other on the hill and they are at peace and are not hurried in the same way as those on the other road. They are lighter in colour and the light emanates from them in greater degrees the further they travel up the road. The road becomes more like a mountain with rocks and obstacles in the way, but those in front lend a hand to help pull up those below and the ones below also help those ahead by pushing them up or by standing behind and supporting them. Sometimes they sit and rest together and then begin their journey again. Mother points out Jesus who is standing at the top of the mountain with His arms open wide. There aren’t as many obstacles at the beginning of the mountain, or perhaps they are there but grace is given through help of the Guardian Angels to move the individuals past these obstacles – as Jesus moved through the crowds, avoiding being hurt. Some people are virtually lifted up and carried by their angel to a spot on the mountain. Our man notices his angel and they exchange looks as his angel moves closer. Our man then stands up and takes Mother’s hand as she leads him to the mountainous road that is less traveled. The dark angels are present on this road but are above the Guardian Angels. Some are allowed to move closer to the individuals at various points along the way so that each person has a chance to willingly send them away, rather than have their angel do it for them. This happens more-so as they near the top of the mountain. Those who reach the top are embraced by Jesus and enter the Kingdom.
This is how I see grace and suffering and how the total consecration of ourselves to God (consecrate meaning to set aside oneself for a specific purpose) works. The people on the road to Jesus willingly offer themselves to be used for His service – for His will to be done. This means everything – prayers, suffering, every part of their day. These presents (gifts) offered to God are taken to him by the Guardian Angels and united to His own gift to His (our) Father. Jesus’ gift is the actual saving part of the gift, ours isn’t - but He in His goodness allows us to take an active part in His plan of salvation of souls. The angels then go from Jesus with the special graces to the people traveling on the road to perdition (they can also go to those on the road to heaven, depending on how the prayers are directed or where Jesus feels they are best used.) The Guardian Angels deliver these graces to the Guardian Angels of the people and if there is even a glimmer of love in that person – a kind act, a kind thought, a desire to change, however small, the graces are drawn into the persons heart, causing the light to brighten. This is what enables the people on the road to slow down and move to the side of the road to rest and think about what is important. This is the reason why our man moves to the side of the road - his own decision to do so, but assisted by the graces sent from other souls either still on the journey or in heaven or purgatory.