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On That First Christmas Morning

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A Christmas song written about the birth of Jesus, not only as it occurred in time, but also as a continuing event in each person’s life.

On That First Christmas Morning

On that first Christmas morning
Came to us our King and Lord
Jesus, Savior, Christ the Anointed
Humble servant to us all

Mary and Joseph did their duty
Traveling far to Bethlehem
Joseph tried to find safe lodging
Searching in vain from inn to inn

None said, “Yes”, all said “No”
Turned away the Almighty, they didn’t know
Then one said, “Yes” and made room
To the stable he led them by the light of the moon

Christ was born and laid in a manger
Food for the world in years to come
Beasts and shepherds all paid homage
Angels sang to the little one

From afar there came three wise men
Led by the star to Bethlehem
Their loving hearts were warm and open
Seeking Truth, they found their King

They gave their “yes” to Christ the King
The beasts and the shepherds, the three wise men
All bowed down before Our Lord
In the City of David, the Savior was born

The Body of Christ is the holy city
And Joseph wanders as he did before
Seeking room for the holy family
A place in the heart for Christ the Lord

Some say, “Yes” but more say, “No”
In a hardened heart love’s unable to grow
St. Joseph begs, please make room
Let Christ through Mary come to you
Let Christ through Mary be born again in you

© Paul Lisney 11/7/06 –11/8/06