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Blood And Water

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I started writing this song in the summer (August) of 2015 and finished it recently. The bulk of the tune was there but not the words. I recorded it using a bouzouki which is tuned GDAG, low to high though I wrote it on the guitar. This is now the fourth upload of the song with bass, acoustic guitar, and several harmonies added.


A bent reed He will not break
On a sick child, a mother waits
And though our wounds are caused by our sins
Our Abba knows our suffering

Wounds heal but it takes time
A warm touch from Love Divine
And when the soul is roused from its sleep
The heart is softened, our eyes can see

Oh, Blood and Water
Oh, From His side
Oh, Mercy raining down
Oh, Through darkened skies

He’ll raise up the bowed down
The outcast will come around
And in His love they will see their sin
And by their wounds will let Him in

Oh, Blood and Water
Oh, Sanctify
Oh, Mercy raining down
Oh, From Our Lord on high

And the time will come
When all will see the truth
A sign for all to see
The Time of Mercy

As He did so we must do
Love all, not just whom we choose
To be forgiven we must forgive
And die to self so we can live

Oh, Blood and Water
Oh, Bring new life
Oh, Mercy raining down
Oh, From the cross in the sky

© 2015, 2016 Paul Lisney 8/21/15 to 1/14/16

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A Beautiful Scene said

Your music is wonderful!