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Don't Fall Away

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This is my latest song just written in the beginning of October. It is self explanatory really but talks about Jesus coming again and being prepared. All of us will face Him at the end of our lives whether or not we are living in the “end times” or not.


One day the Lord will come
On a cloud with open arms
Until then, don‘t you fall away, fall away
Sun up and sun down
Night comes, still no sound
Have faith, Our Lord will come, don’t fall away

Don’t fall away

I know it seems so long
You started out so strong
Thinking the Lord would come for you any day
Meanwhile the prophet’s cry
Breaks through the darkened sky
Take heed, the Lord is nigh, don’t fall away

Don’t fall away
Don’t fall away

Let the seed sink in deep past the shallow fear that speaks
Onward to the yearning soul
Let the seed sink in deep where the birds cannot feed
Taking root in fertile soil

Stay awake, don’t close your eyes
Keep watch, your lamps alight
The Bridegroom’s on his way, don’t fall away
Hear the trumpet sound
That means He’s coming ’round
Don’t leave, hold your ground, don’t fall away

9/30 - 10/02/14 Paul Lisney