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Choices Made

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This is one of three songs inspired directly by the book THE HEALING OF FAMILIES by Fr. Yosef - B. SsemKula.

Choices Made

Body and spirit are as one
Choices made can live on
Through the children, down the line
Blessing or curse, you decide
In deadly sin, a deal is made
And ignorance will not save
For the door stands open wide
And the enemy, he steps inside
So place the Cross upon your crime
The Blood of Jesus will bring life

Body and spirit are as one
And the deal makers dead and gone
The guilt is yours to rectify
Confess your sins and choose life
So close the door, cast him outside
Before the Cross, in the name of Christ
And feel the grace now raining down
Our Father’s love knows no bounds
Come Holy Spirit and reside
Fill the void, breathe new life

Body and spirit are as one
And we are joined through God the Son
By His Cross, the ransom paid
Free to choose, no more enslaved
His blessings flow, an endless stream
And in your house lives are freed

11/17/12 to 12/05/12, 2/09/13 to 2/12/13

©2013 Paul Lisney