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Does That Mean Anything

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How can you not see enemies around
When there’s one at least working in the background
Rumors surrounding, pushes people down
Territorial tearing folks to the ground
You say I can’t see can’t speak hear no sound
Know it’s breaking me knowing you feel unsound

I see the surrounding silver shine
My wish is that you could see it in kind

I wish I could take
All of this for you
We have given so
Much to make it through
Giving up my life
Would be easier
So much easier
Such an easier
Such an easier route

I’ve got you at least
You’ve got me at least
We’ve got me at least
Does that mean anything

Once there was a man named Brady with children all alone
A lovely lady she had children of her own
And Marsha was being such a Marsha
And Jan was being such a Jan
And Cindy was being such a Cindy
But she was not Drew Barrymore in the ET
Do you remember any of the boy’s names?
I’m sorry but I wish I had
I just remember they threw a football
And some made out and some made out really bad

See the meteor
Tearing up the sky
Still we’re still alive
In the final few
All I want to do
Is be close to you

We gave too much to
Give up on this now