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Drama King

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I’m the drama king
I’m here on the scene
I tell the folk of the world
I mean what I mean

I’m the drama king
You see what I mean?
When you’re filled to the brim
Things spill out, it seems

Once upon a time
Things got estranged
I went for a walk
Gave myself a talk

I wanted to make
A statement to say
I’m running away
Now have a great day

When you try to let it slide
Let everything by
It digs in your mind
It might not subside

You may have a point
You might have all the points
The points give you shit
The audience quits

A rational mind
When will you find
You know an eye for an eye
It doesn’t satisfy

Is this about you
Is this about me
Can it be about me
How often does this happen

I ruined your night