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This is my first musical expedition into the midi keyboard. Having never played the piano its a fun learning experience. Thanks to Norm for lending me Stinkbug!

Guest said

We love this track!!

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cuthbert said

A mysterious journey...I like it!

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Djörk said

cool - very interesting choice of timbre :) keep exploring with the midi - it's like trading in you eight used crayons for a brand new box of crayola 128. so much fun!

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Keith Landry said

Very cool. So this is what music sounds like when you're just learning something new, Rick. I can't wait to hear when you really know what you're doing!

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Norm said

I agree with Beth: definite Spanish flavor to this one. Very nice!

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lumberfork said

Cool stuff.

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kirklynch said


Guest said

I really like this, it's got the flavours of Spain and Christmas in one.

Guest said

like it!

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