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Change of Perspective (Mac Mix)

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Talk about over complicating things!

This was meant as just a little finger picking noodle. I am hopeless as a finger picker and did this more as an exercise than anything else. It’s four tracks of guitar, all with a different picking pattern. I was curious if I could accidentally come up with something along the lines of the awesome stuff Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett used to do in Genesis. I didn’t, but at least it’s finger picked. The chorus is dumbed down. It’s only two tracks. The break part where the drums go away and the cello comes in (yes, I am a prog nerd) used a pick. I can only do so much, you know?

What are the lyrics about? Well, some days completely suck, but other days don’t. If you persist you can get to the non-suck. That’s sort of the point. I spent all of 10 minutes writing them. Gimme a break, okay?