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Small (2021 Version)

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This one comes from the 2014 RPM Challenge. Structurally speaking this is very similar to the original. I shortened a couple of solo sections but otherwise everything is the same.

The feel though is (to me at least) completely different. I changed acoustic guitars to electric guitars which should have grunged things up a little but the reality is, this version is much mellower than the original. I think the drums are the culprit. 2014 was pre-GarageBand Drummers. The original drums were played in on a keyboard and they are loud and completely lacking in anything resembling feel or subtlety. The GarageBand drummer is much less in your face and gives the song a more laid back feel.

The other thing is the vocals. Specifically the high harmony in the chorus. I can’t hit it anymore. That’s actually happened a couple of times in this round of songs. I just can’t quite get up as high as I did six years ago. I replaced a two part harmony with a three part harmony without the original high notes. Is it better? No. Is it okay? Yeah, probably.

The guitars are all Gibson ES-335 Pro. The amps are all Vox AC15 and Fender Bassbreaker 15 at the same time. All of the tracks used a Klon KTR and the leads also used a Keeley D&M Drive.

Verse 1
Today is a new day
The snows falling down
the World spins the same way
thats how it is in this town

Verse 2
it all seems so hopeless
this endless routine
it all seems so pointless
this endless machine

Hoping wishing guess it won’t help at all
Keep on dreaming that you’ll hear the right call
Know in your heart that you’re really that small
just give in and say the hell with it all