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The Treason and Sedition Blues (2021 Version of The Flat Earth Blues)

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This is another re-recorded song, but there is a little twist this time.

In 2016’s RPM Challenge there are two songs that were supposed to be an argument between a flat earther and a non-mentally defective human. They were The Flat Earth Blues and The Flat Earth Rebuttal respectively. I thought I was being frightfully clever. I was not.

Anyway, fast forward to the Covid-19 pandemic and me finally working on the re-recording project. The Flat Earth Blues was the better of the two songs, but I hesitated to redo it because… well… out of context it’s just a thing from a flat earth moron’s point of view and I couldn’t have that. So for (I think) Quarantine Tunes vol 3 I did the rebuttal. For volume 4 though, I really wanted to use the song because I really like the verses and I kinda liked the chorus, and it was the better of the two songs… so I wrote new lyrics.

Now that it’s done, I think I probably would have been better off not including it. It doesn’t connect with me the way it did the first time around. I tried to keep some of the lyrics and somehow I ended up with something I don’t really care for. Oh well. It still has boat loads of wah wah, so that’s pretty cool, and the chorus is in three part harmony now. I guess that’s cool, right?

The rhythm guitar parts are a Gibson ES-335 Pro into a Dunlop Cry Baby (the Joe Bonamassa version), into a Klon KTR and a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter and then into both a Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15. The lead guitar was a completely different rig. It’s a Gibson Les Paul Custom into a Dunlop Cry Baby (The Gary Clark, Jr version) into a RYRA The Klone pedal and a Wren and Cuff Super Russian and then into a Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 on the 18 watt channel.

At the limit
of what I’ll take
At the limit
its gonna break

Verse 1:
Evidence is suspect
and there is no proof
its what you call progress
its what I call a spoof
Verse 2:
Business man says trust me
as he robs you blind
this is what we’ve come to
we’re a nation of lies

What seems like a simple truth
Treated like some thing you choose
(turned in to a thing you loose)

Verse 3:
they will try to tell you
that the facts are clear
and when you correct them
they just refuse to hear.

Other Bridge:
Don’t fall for it

Don’t believe the lies