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Come See the Future's End

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This was the last song I came up with for this year’s National Solo Album Month and I think I’m going out on a good note. Sure it uses the cliche of switching between major (G) and the relative minor (Eminor) a lot in the chorus, but it works for me and it actually feels almost… almost… like a hook (gasp!). I even stuck a little polyrhythm at the end as a sort of nod to last month’s project, but this time I turned it into a lovely, soupy mess. There’s a delay on each of the four tracks (two in 7/8 and two in 4/4) and the delay time is different on each one. That and the flanger were added in the mix.

Another reason I kinda like this one is because I went back to my main pedal board for all the guitar tracks. I tried to make myself love the bluesbreaker clone I was using on most of this month’s songs, but I just couldn’t and I had to move on. The Rhythm guitar, including the ending, is a Gibson SG Standard into an MXR Uni-Vibe, a Klon KTR, a Donner Yellow Fall, and both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The lead is the same guitar and amps but the pedal chain is the Klon KTR again and a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter.

Come see the future’s end

This is how we fall apart
Like a dagger through the heart

If you think this is a game
You are in for major pain

end is coming
no use running
they are selling out on everything
No twist ending
its a scam
We can not believe a single thing