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Sell You Something

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Welcome to the 2020 National Solo Album Month. Yet another album in a month project for ol’ Robbie.

Nothing particularly noteworthy about this one. I like it. I like the three part harmonies on the last chorus. The riff is okay, the stop/start section is okay. There isn’t much to not like here.

The rhythm guitar is a Gibson ES-335 into a Ryra The Klone and a Chicago Stompworks Blooze Maker and both a Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15. The lead is a Gibson SG Standard into the same pedals and amps.

Verse 1
if it should come again
you’ll never see the end
he’s gonna let you down
he’s gonna sell you out

He’s trying to sell you something
He’s gonna lie to you

Verse 2
he did this to himself
he needs to be expelled
the way he sold our soul
he really has to go