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To the Bitter End

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This was supposed to be the centerpiece of this year’s National Solo Album Month, but instead it’s a complete turd and I’ll probably stop acknowledging it’s existence nine minutes after I finish uploading it. It’s just a dog.

Rhythm guitars are my Gibson SG Standard into a Ryra The Klon overdrive pedal into a Chicago Stompworks Blooze Maker into both a Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15 at the same time. Leads are the same guitar and amps but the pedal chain for the main part of the song is a Wren and Cuff Tri Pi ’70 into a Klon KTR. The quieter leads at the end are a Mooer E-lady into the Klon KTR into a Wampler Faux Tape Echo.

B Chorus
you keep pretending that you
can lead the way
You keep expecting me to
give you some say

B Verse 1 & 3
not gonna let you speak
never again
your chance is looking bleak
its time to end

B Verse 2
I’d say I told you so
but what’s the use
many conspiracies
that you can’t prove

C Verse
to the bitter end you intend to fight on
but there’s only one way this ends
you’re just making noise but there is no point
there’s no way you could ever win

C Chorus
No way
No how
you try
you fail