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Guest said

I searched for this one…and found nothing. Look at all those plays…wow.

Guest said

this is great…love the intro. I feel like i’m being hypnotized. You aren’t trying to put subliminal mess. in our heads are you?

menstrual huts instead of pizza huts? hehe

curators of ephianies…nice..

who is speaking in this?

And I want to know what my secret name is.
When will I find out?

dig decsend and disclose…I tried to shoot lightning bolts from my isn’t working. sigh.

Guest said

Shadow Blessings = the truest words = I used it a a meditation..thank you. You are profoundly admired.

Guest said

Very, very pretty indeed. Wonderful stuff. Sounds like a theraputic book.

Johnny Stone
Johnny Stone said

Nice track mate I enjoyed that

Jason Earls
Jason Earls said

deep and inspiring! made me think. also i was surprised to hear william vollmann mentioned.

Planet Ground and the Cloud of Unknowing
Planet Ground and the Cloud of Unknowing said

Thank You for Pronoia. Beauty and Truth Lab Nebraska WAKING UP!

Guest said

wow, thank you for co-creating stuff like this

Guest said

the second version tastes not so delicious, but tastes so nice warm …

richardlaceves said

also very interesting,,, you have a great overall sound

richardlaceves said

very interesting,,i like it,,i’ll probably comment some more after a few more listens

Guest said

I love this song and your astrology. I set it as my alarm, it is wonderful to wake up to both literally and metaphysically, before I go to that trying place called high school. Thank you!

Guest said

Epic and excellent!

Guest said

Unique and well done.

ShamPain said

great vocal. lovin the ethnic feel

Greg Albrecht
Greg Albrecht said

You guys are trippers in a very good way!!!!!

AMUC said

(ROFL) This is great. When the sacred janitor at the edge of time speaks, you better pay attention. =)

Max Sipowicz
Max Sipowicz said

i liked it. good job :)

Gumbo said

Yay Salamanders!
Yay Toasters!

Dave Berry
Dave Berry said

Really beautiful vocals. And a very imaginative song, nice lyrics.

Guest said


Guest said

Love the songs!

Guest said

WEll done.

Guest said

Wow what a voice! So clean and clear and strong and beautiful! just great.

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card
Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said


Guest said

very nice voice and cool work going on here. I’ve heard this voice before. Who is this?

Guest said

Wow….loved both versions! I just found this site and I’m so impressed with your work. Thank you for sharing. mary

Guest said

thank you

ThatGuysMe said

Have enjoyed all your work Rob, your scopes, W.E.W. and “Pronoia.” The sounds are great, the ideal, as always, is pervasively subtle. Glad to see you dancing with Euterpe once again.

Rick Phillips
Rick Phillips said

nice vocals Adrienne!