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Hello Hello The original of this song was recorded in 1981 Using my Permanent Adolescent technique of drums first. No click, no follow along to other instruments. Just the drums and the musical arrangement in my head. I joined a band in 1984 and we recorded this song as a band. I sang. Guitars and back vocals Al Teman.. Drums and back vocals Howard Teman…Bass and back vocals Eric Teman. The Teman brothers are all genius when it comes to all things creative. Music…Art….Design…Tattoo…Architecture…Music….A world force creative symbiosis. They were Thee Apes. I wasn’t and Ape, yet.. So we became Sam Mann and Thee Apes. We were a fairly popular part of the 1980’s Sunset Strip…Hollywood, California musical force that will never ever be repeated in the ongoing history of music. If you weren’t there in the 80’s grab hold of any music you can from the Rock and Hair Farmer years and prepare yourself for some of the most talented, creative, super players that have graced music history.

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And this is just YEAH... I've been checking out Sam Mann and Thee Apes on youtube... wow, you was rocking the ACTUAL strip... we was rocking The Quay in Exeter, Devon, UK

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