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Convoluted Violin 1

Mr Sandbags

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A violin sample used as an impulse response for a convolution reverb to which various filtered noise is fed. Just playing with the technique.

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Big Joe Silence said

this sounds positively haunted. really digging it.

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Sister Savage said

Psychotic mermaids. Everywhere. Not for the aquatic paranoid.

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Mr Sandbags said

Thanks for the kind words both. Chris it is a pretty good idea but I can't take any credit for that, I got it from Pendle @ SoundDust. He uses it to build his Plastic Ghost Piano and I thought it sounded like something cool to play with.

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vaisvil said

what a unique idea! Thank you for this great aural experience!

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mmi said

This is awesome. I'm transported to a quiet but alarming place. Very cool.

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