Like A Lonely Ghost He Haunts

Mr Sandbags

Ghosts do not speak.

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Nightmoth said

A fabulous compilation of sounds, dark colors, bitter flavors, a caress of eeriness. Love it!

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Pilotless Drone said

Very chill and relaxing. I like!

Guest said

Will add evocative and raw to oldrottenhead’s comment. This is thickly atmospheric, and yet empty. Perfect title - brilliant track.

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oldrottenhead said

lush and atmospheric

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igor said

~Puzzles, misterious, riddles~

Ghosts do not speak - they communicate with gestures, in silence. We consider them mysterious. I wonder what they think we are? What if they, as well as some of us thinks about them, to believe that we don’t exist? And also what if… Oh, I think got carried away :-) Good piece, really.

P.S. I did like this - I run it on the cyclic play (I recommend to try). Drift…

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igor said

~fluke-chains, adrift out of nowhere to nowhere~

Guest said

He does! Very tender piece!

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mmi said

I sit in my darkened cave and I’m transported.

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