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Old Joe Clark Can Bite Me

Mr Sandbags

I’m learning to play piano and my teacher has given me ‘Old Joe Clarkes Boogie’ to play. For 2 weeks it has kicked my ass. But I’m getting to grips with it now and this is my revenge!

The musical parts were recording using my Kurzweil SP3X piano to play one of the Logic EXS24 Yamaha piano samples. I didn’t worry too much about timing given what I had in mind for the resulting audio.

Basically I tried to keep each phrase loosely right but left long pauses between phrases to let Augustus Loop, SupaTrigger, and Eos do their thing.

Augustus Loop was set to the ‘Looong Delay’ preset which allows plenty of time for the audio to loop and get rechopped and verbed by SupaTrigger and Eos.

Given the sound density I found the Eos preset ‘Contem-plate’ (which uses the ‘Plate 2’ rather than ‘Superhall’ algorithm) worked well. I used SupaTrigger with very low probabilities for it’s effects so it’s pretty subtle.

There’s practically no treatment or final mixing because the first cut seemed to come out sounding fine.

As usual I welcome all comments about process and effect, if you like it, or if you don’t ;-)

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