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There was a director who was so happy to show off his lead singer to the playwrite… she was young and beautiful and a talented singer… when he finally got to present her to the playwrite… the playwrite nodded, and smiled.. he told the director… “She is a very good singer, she hits all the notes. Someday she will have her heart broken, and then she will be incredible!”

when I heard that story I smiled…

I couldn’t see anything back then… but I know now that it was an ordained time, and only a season… mercy can be severe… but all these years later I’m always thankful for that dark time… they brought some very necessary changes…

sleep tight

Guest said

This is one of those songs that sends chills down my back, it is stunning, warm, intimate and just beautiful. I'd actually love to cover it some day, Scott! With love and music, Lizanne

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Robert Vincent said

I don't really have good words to say how much I love this song. Words like moving and poignant are just too cheap.

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tim mcfate said

nice to see and hear you over here. .........and if i die before i wake. i used to say it before bed every night as a kid. i was sort of mad e to say it but it used to really scare me. that and TB. this song brought that all up as a forgotten memory. ialso used to be so upset that my sundaty techer would tell me that my father in heaven was first in line before my real father. i couldnt comprehend that and i felt so insecure. i have a much different perspective. i might start to think about my four year old saying a prayer before bed .

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Emotional Evolution said

well done. love the combination of bedtime prayer in the lyrics.

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justmerritt said

i really enjoy the warm upright bass. yummy.

Guest said

Your voice...oh my.

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dougsparling said

Beautiful have your own great sound.

Guest said

Got so caught up hearing your music that I forgot to leave my name on the last comment :) Bill "thetiler"

Guest said

Each and every time I hear a tune of yours I get blown away how commercial radio friendly your music is. YOU are one of the FEW who can make song after song. And make up there like a James Taylor or a Sting hit record. Only using them as an example because I know you certainly have your own sounds and all the ones I've heard you do has a definite Scott Carmichael sound. All the way through! I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are one of the best pop-folk singers on the internet and that means in the realm of the established stars. Just can't rave about your music enough!

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another cultural landslide said

Scott...this is wonderful!

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