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The final song in the keyed series, this one was recorded with just Zane and I. A few days before recording this one, I repaired an old digital delay/loop pedal my dad had, so we used that as one of the main elements of this song. Unlike the loop effects Adam and I usually use, this one had actual time manipulation, instead of just sample length, which is how we got all the crazy sped up and slowed down parts. This song also uses both AudioMulch and Fruity Loops (including a sample of my voice as an instrument) simultaneously, which was a little harder to organize than I thought it would be. Other than that, this song is pretty basic: lots of strange loops, computer arpeggios and drums, guitar, birds, and some tiny, old keyboards. The song is named after its spacey and aquatic- yet rather dirty- sound.

Finally, if you are interested in owning any of this on a physical format, I will be putting together a 6 or so disc box set of all this stuff, so feel free to contact me about that or anything else at

Justice Mc12- Acoustic guitar, Casio SA-11, circuit-bent keyboard, computer stuff, and loops (guitar, keyboard, vocals)
Zane McBrother- Casio SA-11, Circuit-bent keyboard, naming, vocals, and loops (keys, and vocals)
Those 7 Birds- Vocals and loops

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Message She Gave said

This inspires me to write much better songs. Truly awesome

Guest said

oh my god holiness musick

Guest said

BRILLIANT SONG! The guitar is well as all the backround noises. Tastefully done. Another fav. Was that you around 14:00?

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