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World That Burns (scratch)

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This is a new song that I wrote while I was up in Nebraska. The backstory is that I was a donor match for bone marrow donation. In essence: if someone has leukemia or several other diseases, they sometimes can be cured if a match can be found. Even among immediate siblings the chance of a match is only 1 in 4 hence the need for a registry. (GO REGISTER NOW) It’s a 50% risk of death for the recipient, but only 1% risk of any complications at all to the donor, and you could save a life. So it wasn’t even a question to me to go forward, but when I told them my entire immediate family came out against it: asking me to let someone die when I had the ability to give them a chance to live w/ almost no risk to myself. It was about the (miniscule) risk and missing out on income from work, to me stupid. Hence, song. It needs more instruments and maybe a cleaner rerecording once I’m more comfortable with it, but I wanted to put up what I have because it’s good. The donation was postponed by complications on the recipients end, I hope he/she is ok. So I haven’t actually done it. But it made me realize that there’s a lot of people out there who are really freaking selfish, and we have to take responsibility to create a less selfish world with our own choices. Anyway enjoy the music!

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Sister Savage said

Gorgeous voice... Powerful song.

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jimgoodinmusic said

Raw and interesting, Leonard Cohen like at times in delivery and a nice kind James McMurtry.

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