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Tony H. - Lyrics, Vocals
Mark R. - Guitar, Keys
Jesse C. - Drums, Recording, Mixing
Kevin Craig - Bass

Once again, the title is the chord sequence, mostly. The “chorus” is actually A-C-E-F, in 7/4, because of a copy-paste “error” introduced when editing a previous take that we ended up liking.

Jesse’s friend Mark came in and recorded the guitar and organ parts. I’d recorded a guitar version at the previous session, but the acoustic had been tuned to itself, and not to an actual tuner, so it was about 1.2 steps down from normal, and impossible to match on organ. Ooops. :)

For the vocals, we sprang this one on Tony, using his talent for improvisation. “Just step up to the mic and give us one take.” “Should I listen to it first?” “Nope. :)” A damn fine take, I gotta say, and the conclusion of the song will always make me smile. :)

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